Packing & Storing

Packing Services In Ottawa

Whether you are moving for a few days or for long term, packing is an essential part for the success of movers. You need to ensure that all of your items are secure and safe while on the move. Some of the items will be valuable in terms of market price while others would be high on sentimental value. We ensure all your belongings are safe and secure. With over decades of experience , Best Hand 2 Hand Movers in Ottawa has a huge variety of packing supplies that is sure to protect household goods of any size. We offer packing boxes of all sizes within which you can comfortably put in any items of your choice. We also have wheel dollies that can help with easier location of heavier goods.

Packing Materials

Before we move your items, we want to ensure that your items are properly packed and ready for transport. To help with that, we have an assortment of packing materials to choose from. We have boxes of different sizes, tape rolls, wrapping papers, paper pads, mirror or picture boxes, lamp boxes, wardrobe boxes etc.

Full Service Packing Services For Your Move In Ottawa

As a part of our move plan, Best Hand 2 Hand Movers, will assign you an individual moving co-ordinator. The moving co-ordinator will discuss in details on every aspect of your move. Now, you have two options. You can either choose to select our packing services or choose to pack some of your items yourselves. We can pick up your belongings. No matter what option you choose, you can always bank upon us to create a custom plan for your moving needs. Similar to packing services, we can also help with unpacking services with each moving services. Our moving co-ordinator will again help you to make un-packing a smooth affair. You may again choose to have unpacking done by us or do it yourself. Whatever, be the case, we will be there with you. Our professional movers are quite pro-active and communicate effectively. You can rely on them to discuss any aspect of your moving. If you need packing supplies, you may buy it from us at a heavily discounted rate.

Packing Tips

We have decades of exeperience with packing and unpacking of materials. So, we know all the do’s and don’ts of packing. Follow these helpful moving and packing tips:

Label properly

Use a marker pen to label the items properly. Proper labeling of items will help you immesely while unpacking. Make sure that you write in large sizes and mention the room number from which the item was picked.

Make the Important Item Last

Make sure that the items that you need it first should go last in the truck. This will make sure that you can unpack easily, giving you more time to unpack the not so important items. Make a bag with all important daily items like toileteries, fooding, clothing etc. which you will need immediately whle unpacking.

Professional Packing & Storage Services, Ontario

If you need help with moving of items of only one room or a complete bungalow, Best Hand 2 Hand Movers has all the knowledge and resources that you can bank upon. We provide complete end to end packing and moving solutions in all over Ontario, including cities like Ottawa, East York, etc. To request a FREE quote for moving, please call us at
(613) 402 6066